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New!!!  Lecture Topic:  "Identity Literacy"TM
Diverse City Strategies

"Chris delivered a passionate and engaging full day introductory programme to our administrative teams, linking Equity and Inclusion with our Gospel Values.  His message of "Love and Learn" challenged us to think about our biases with the goal of making stronger connections with our students and broader community."
Loretta Notten, Director of  Education, Waterloo CDSB and Tamara Nugent, Director of Education Wellington CDSB

He has conducted over 5000 Equity and Anti-Oppression workshops to Educators, Law Enforcement, Community Services, Corrections Officers and Corporate Institutions. He is the founder of the Equity Summit Group, a collaborative of over 26 school board equity representatives in Ontario. Chris was also part of the writing team that created the Ministry of Education of Ontario's Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy which won the Policy award from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

In November 2009 he was awarded a National Award for his leadership in Education by the Harmony Movement, an acclaimed national organization which promotes the eradication of discrimination. In June 2016 his work with school boards was profiled in a feature article in the "OPC Register", the magazine for Ontario's Principals and Vice Principals.

He is the author of three books. "Why Are All The Taxi Driver's...?", which unpacks commonly held stereotypes, is being used in over 9000 schools and in over 7 countries. His second book is an allegorical narrative critiquing colonialism and its impact on indigenous people globally, in the form of a children’s storybook entitled “Kicking the Elephant’s Ankle”.

My first children's song

It is with a great deal of excitement that I present my first children's song entitled, "I want you to be nice to me". It is an anti-bullying song with actions for students/children. Please, send the link out to teachers and parent/guardian groups as a free resource and encourage them to get students and children to do the actions while singing the song. A professionally recorded version is now available on iTunes and Google play.  Listen to a short clip on the Songs page.

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Shout Proud - Promotes
positive body image

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Kicking the Elephant’s Ankle
Why Are All The Taxi Driver's...?
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