Chris D'Souza

Upcoming Events

DEI Summit - November 23-25 2022
Developing Diversity, Empowering Equity, Inspiring Inclusion Summit

This event will feature Chris as a keynote speaker where he will help to mentor Racialized & Indigenous employess, educate HR professionals and executives, helping them to recruit, retain, and promote marginalized staff. He will help to inspire change and help people to ally together in order to create inclusive, culture rich work environments with diverse talent.

C.R.A.S.H. Course in Anti-Oppression - February 16 2023
DEI Crash Course Flyer

This C.R.A.S.H. Course in Anti-Oppression features Chris and his new book as he speaks and helps to; build inclusion in the work place, help officials serve the public in a fair and just manner, and is recommended to anyone interested in enlightenment and how oppression causes trauma

Past Events

Diversity Day, Greater Sudbury, Ontario
Original articles can be found here and here

Diversity Day was an event with an important message: that we should celebrate differences rather than fear them. Chris was featured as the special guest where he spoke and witnessed his book 'Why Are All The Taxi Drivers...?' as a play after it was turned into a production by YES theatre in Sudbury