Chris D'Souza


I want you to be nice to me

I am a snowflake I am unique, want you to be nice to me I am Indigenous of this country Different faces, Diversity Brown or white or Ebony break Chorus Cause I am you-o-o-nique I am different from the rest I am you-o-o-nique And I deserve respect. break I like my food a little spicy I like veg and don't eat meat I have an accent from another country I look at you and I see beauty
I might have a disability I might learn a little differently I like to stand up to the bully. So choose your words real carefully. break I don't need designer labels on me Friends around me is all I need I have two daddies in my family My mommy is white with a brown daddy break I might be short, I might be weak. Help me out, stand up for me I am special, I am unique Karma is my true belief.

Shout Proud

Shout loud, “I’m Proud” Shout louder, “I’m Prouder!” Spin around, and around Jump high, feel the pride No matter your race, you have a beautiful face. No matter your weight, please don't hesitate to.. No matter your size- you’ll come to realize. That there is no reason to compromise so ….
Don’t let the doubt, Drown out the Proud, Don’t let the noise, Drown out your voice…to No matter your love, its a beautiful crush No matter your faith, it’s gonna feel great to… No matter who you are, you’re an incredible being A different way of knowing, a different way of seeing so… Every shade of skin, Every Shape of eye, Every style of hair, Every body type.