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Kicking the Elephant’s Ankle
An allegory that critiques the impact of colonialism on Indigenous peoples globally
Kicking the Elephant’s Ankle is a children's storybook that examines bullying and processes to combat it. It is made up of an allegorical narrative that critiques colonialism (as a form of bullying) and its impact on indigenous people globally. It follows the relationship between "Euro" the elephant and "Adam" the ant and his colony (tribe) of ants.
Kicking the Elephant’s Ankle
Euro the elephant asked Adam and his tribe if he could graze on their land ‘cause the trees were real ripe. Adam said, “Sure thing, as long as you share the fruit. Just watch out where you step and be careful where you poop. But when Adam returned the next day to his mound he found that his anthill had been squashed to the ground. The imperial elephant kept all of the wealth, and had posted a sign claiming the trees to himself.

Now Adam and his ancestors had forever toiled this land and they refused to be displaced, so they took a firm stand. They shouted and demanded that the elephant shift but the hegemonic beast did nothing but resist.
They could not understand why Euro would not share but the ants soon realized that it just did not care. They chewed on his ankle and they chomped on his toes but the behemoth kept on eating only stopping to doze. So Adam put the word out to the other colonies around and begged them to come help his tribe take back their mound.
He texted and he emailed, he blogged and he tweeted, he was ADAM-ANT that his colony would not be defeated. They came from the west, and they marched from the east, North and South came together, to get rid off the beast. They crawled up the ankle and marched up his shin. In a matter of hours they had covered his skin.

In a synchronized attack they all a bit him on cue, Using razor sharp teeth they began a unified chew. The elephant screamed and dropped to his knees he cried and he pleaded and admitted defeat.
Kicking the Elephant’s Ankle
Kicking the Elephant’s Ankle The ants retreated humbly and returned to their homelands leaving Adam with Euro to work out a plan. The two of them negotiated a treaty that was fair in which the elephant and ants would get an equitable share.

Euro would eat from the tree but would knock down some fruit and he would be careful where he stepped, and careful where he pooped. I wish I could say that the treaty was honored forever but history is proving that this could be a life long endeavor.

Why Are All the Taxi Drivers....?
One day while Dakota was watching T.V., she suddenly jumped up and said: "Hey Mommy, why are all the taxi drivers brown?" And her mother thought about the question and frowned and she was about to reply...but Dakota interrupted her and said: "Why is it always a certain suspect that the person on the news is looking for? Mom, I've started noticing it more and more..." and her mother thought about the questions she couldn't ignore and she was about to reply...but Dakota interrupted her again and said: "Are people treated differently because of the color of their skin or whether they are tall or short or large or thin?" "And why aren't there more couples like Daddy and you, on the T.V. shows and commercials we view, where the Daddy is brown and the Mommy is white, and the children they love are a beautiful sight?"
And her mother realized it was gonna be a long night...and she was about to reply but Dakota wasn't done yet: "And...and why is the leader of the country always a man? I thought you said women could do anything they can. And where are the wonderful people in wheelchairs? How come I hardly see them anywhere, working in the banks and stores that we go to, aren't persons with disabilities part of the community too?"
And Dakota's mommy heaved a few sighs, because the answers were complex to all of these "why's?". But this is what she said: "Dakotabear, the points that you make are only partially true, because the world's slowly changing but we've got work to do. Every judgment we make about the people we see, has to include that they are unique, no matter their size or the faith they believe in, or where they were born or the color of their skin. We have to believe every person on earth, is a gift to behold and has incredible worth. And they have the chance to achieve anything they desire, whether it's driving a taxi or putting out fires."

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