Chris D'Souza


"Thank you for speaking to us at Laurier University the other day. Everything you said made me remember why I want to be a teacher. You reached out to us as teachers and individuals. Your presentation is exactly what I needed to hear. After the lecture, I read "Chili Burn Me Tongue" to a man with autism and he loved being able to read the word "bum." I realize there is a lot more to that book and I plan to explore all three of your books with my future classroom. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you"

Britney, pre-service teacher

Faculty of Education

Laurier University

"Chris D'Souza's keynote presentation was engaging, relevant and applicable. Session participants left with a greater understanding of equity as they reflected on their own teaching practices, specifically how it relates to their relationships with students and this notion of creating an inclusive classroom. We would definitely invite him back to Calgary to present at future conventions."

Adriana Wild

Program Coordinator

Calgary City Teachers' Convention Association

"I thoroughly enjoyed Chris's thought provoking keynote. I most appreciate, that as a white heterosexual male, he never once made me feel guilty about. my privilege but rather encourage me to think about my allyship with marginalized communities."

S. Johnson

Director of Education

"I recently read your book, Kicking the Elephant’s Ankle. I loved it ! Absolutely loved it. Great message, amazing illustrations, and timeless message. Your author’s note at the end said it all !! Your dedication to the Indigenous peoples around the world was very special. I am responsible for Treaty education in our school division, and this will definitely be added to our resource collection. Thank you for this timely gift in the light of all the events occurring in our country and across the globe,"

Sandy Pinay-Schindler

First Nations and Metis Education Coordinator

Prarie Valley School

Saskatchewan, Canada